How To Create A Website Using GoDaddy

Here is an easy to follow tutorial that will help you to create a website.

To make a website you will require the following 3 things:

  1. Domain Name Registration – A service which allows you to register your website URL like
  2. Web Hosting Account – A service which provides you web space online to upload your website files, create mail ids etc
  3. Site Builder(Good and fast option) or Good knowledge of HTML and Photoshop(Better option but you will require at least a couple of months to learn)

With Godaddy WEBSITE BUILDER plan you can easily create your website as it includes free Domain Name Registration and also includes Web Hosting as well as Site Builder. Which means you need not to first register domain name from somewhere then purchase hosting account and then install site builder.

It is an ALL IN ONE package for anyone serious to create a beautiful website for himself in no time affordably. The plan has everything you need to create a personal website or professional website for your company.

Godaddy Economy Plan allows you to create up to 5 pages for your website and 1 Email Account
Godaddy Deluxe Plan allows you to create up to 10 pages for your website and 500 Email accounts
Godaddy Premium Plan allows you to create up to 999 pages for your website and 1000 Email accounts(Recommended)

All plans includes more then 300 templates and 8500 images which you can use to easily build a website. You can use your own images too if you want.
There are several pre-built websites included too which you can modify to create your site.
It also includes photo gallery option to build a nice looking photo gallery within your site.

Once you are inside site builder, just select a template/design and paste your text content for various pages and hit Publish to make your site online.
No technical or HTML knowledge is required.

You can even include social stuff like Facebook, Twitter etc using just drag and drop wizard.
You even get free advertising credits to advertise your website on Google, Bing and Facebook.

You don’t need to download any software on your PC as everything is to be done through your favorite browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.
Just signup, login and start building your website.

Here are the some step by step screenshots which will help you select this plan:


FIRST –  Go to Godaddy Homepage and click on Website Builder option like shown below

Godaddy Website Builder



SECOND –  On next page select the plan you want to purchase

Select a plan to create a website



THIRD –  On next page check for domain name availability

Check domain name availability


Fourth –  On next page click on Continue to checkout button to register as a customer and complete your purchase using any payment option like Credit Card, PayPal etc.



Happy Website Building!


  1. Awesome article,I’ve been using Godaddy for years and there tech team has good ones and bad ones.Great article.
    Kris Kartopolous

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